Kevin Sheridan

Sheridan Contract Founder & Principal

Kevin Sheridan - Sheridan Contract Founder & Principal

One would think that an Irishman hailing from the east coast would come with a big personality and a “funny” accent. While only one of these is true, Kevin has always been one to go big or go home.

His career started while working in a “soup to nuts” office supply & furniture company. With a whopping 47 lines, Kevin was selling everything from rubber bands to Queen Anne desks, the mark of a true salesman. Eventually was lured to Chicago where he initially worked in catalog -based furniture sales. However, Kevin found a calling with contract furniture relying on its superb quality, high end design and great value. With that in mind, he choose Groupe Lacasse as his one of his first major contract furniture lines where the partnership continued when he started Sheridan Contract with Michelle.

A great storyteller, Kevin will not only share laughs over furniture and family, but the stories of inspiration he has found by giving back to his community. With food delivery needs during the pandemic on the rise, Kevin has found solice in volunteering with Topbox delivering to those in need. Working with Vermont Adaptive allows Kevin assisting those with physical and mental disabilities assisting them in enjoying outdoor activities to their fullest.

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