Fast Furniture

Several of our manufacturing partners offer a selection of products that are eligible for QuickShip. If your project needs fast furniture options, check below for the latest.

Sheridan Contract offers Great Openings products

Great Openings has a 21 day lead time on all products.

Sheridan Contract offers Loftwall products

Loftwall has 10-15 day turnaround on most products.

Sheridan Contract offers Groupe Lacasse

Groupe Lacasse offers Quick Ship products.

Sheridan Contract offers Via Seating products

Via Seating offers Quick Ship products (IL only).

This list is not exhaustive and other products may also be available for QuickShip, depending on the specific manufacturer. We will update this page regularly, so check back often for the latest fast furniture options. To confirm that a product is eligible for QuickShip, contact us.