Educational K-12 Solutions

Sheridan Contract team members have been supplying products and providing solutions to K12 clients and specifiers in the Illinois-Wisconsin territory for over 30 years, so we know what it takes to keep them happy and coming back for more, year after year, decade after decade. We are relied upon by A&D firms like Legat, Arcon, FGM, DKA, Wight and Company, and others, as well as having long-term relationships with many School Districts and Colleges and Universities. We are a trusted partner that completes projects on time and on budget and whose products are still performing after decades of use in the educational market.

Therefore, when we select a manufacturer to Represent, we know what we are looking for, what is needed in this specific market, and which lines addresses current trends, and the following are perfect fits for this sector overall, and these individual silos of K12 and Higher Ed.

RightAngle, Great Openings, and Via Seating all provide unique and tailored solutions for the K12 and Higher Ed markets that are made in the U.S. from North American materials and components and thus have been able to maintain consistent and reliable lead times while providing products of exceptional quality and value.

These three factors (consistent and reliable lead times, exceptional quality, and great value) are of paramount importance to educational customers in particular, whose projects are on fixed and critical timelines, are tax-supported, and therefore have budget limitations, yet need to last forever.

RightAngle Solutions for K-12

Based in Wisconsin and making products from locally sourced materials gives RightAngle an advantage on lead times and the ability to create special products to meet the needs of individual K12 clients. Recently we quoted Elementary school-height Romeo flip-top nesting tables for Skokie School District. We have also created custom teacher desks for K12 clients all over the US.


The Hooligan is a steel mobile teacher desk with optional built-in height adjustable lectern.

Hooligan desk by RightAngle
Hooligan mobile teachers desk by RightAngle


The SkateDesk is a pneumatic sit/stand student desk with skateboard wheels that provides height adjustability without the need for power and accommodates learners of all ages. Being height adjustable, SkateDesk gives schools the flexibility to address population bubbles as they move between grade levels, and provides sit/stand learning for students.

SkateDesk by RightAngle
SkateDesk is a pneumatic sit/stand student desk by RightAngle

Romeo Flip and Romeo T Base Training Tables

Available fixed base or flip top, on casters or glides, the Romeo Flip and Romeo T Base is an attractive, affordable, and durable solution for educational.

Romeo Flip table by RightAngle
Romeo Flip table by RightAngle is a attractive, and sturdy flip, nesting training table perfect for educational needs.
Romeo T Base educational training tables by RightAngle
Romeo Flip table by RightAngle

Great Openings Solutions for K-12

Made in Ludington Michigan since 1965, Great Openings (GO) is the largest steel case goods specialist in the office furniture industry. Another local Midwest manufacturer, GO has been able to maintain normal lead times throughout COVID due to local material sourcing and extensive manufacturing capabilities at state-of-the-art factories in Manistee and Ludington Michigan. GO makes steel solutions for Steelcase, Knoll, Allsteel, Trnedway, and many other manufacturers because we are simply the best and most reliable. For the K12 market, we provide primarily teacher desks and classroom storage solutions, but also provide admin office solutions with our Trace steel desking line. See attached document for GO educational solutions.

Mobile Teacher’s Desk

  • Large casters make moving the desk easy even for one person. They roll smoothly on any surface including carpet and can be locked into place.
  • Multiple configurations match all kinds of classroom spaces and needs.
  • An optional D shaped worksurface creates space for one on one time with students.
  • A stylish perforated panel provides modesty and manages power cables out of sight.
  • Matching or contrasting legs add extra style points.
  • Pair the open table option with our unique mobile storage solutions Odie, Slim XLT, or Chester for maximum.

Single Pedestal Desk

Single Pedestal Mobile Teacher's Desk by Great Openings

Double Pedestal Desk

Double Pedestal Mobile Teacher's Desk by Great Openings

Four Leg Desk

Four Leg Mobile Teacher's Desk by Great Openings
Mobile Teacher's Desk by Great Openings

Mobile Bookcase

  • Large, smooth rolling casters let you move a reading nook or reference library easily, even over carpet, and lock securely into place.

  • The shelf adjusts to book size to make the most of storage space.

  • An outrigger base with integrated casters provides stability for better classroom safety.

Mobile Bookcase by Great Openings
Mobile Bookcase Dimensions by Great Openings

Mobile Storage

  • Large casters help you take your storage for a spin, rolling over any surface smoothly and locking into place.
  • 15” wide doors open wide to fit all kinds of objects and lock to secure them.
  • An adjustable shelf tailors space to fit changing storage needs.
  • The outrigger base keeps the unit stable for classroom safety.
Mobile Storage by Great Openings
Mobile Storage Dimensions by Great Openings

Mobile Lectern

  • Easy rolling casters let teachers or students take the floor anywhere, moving over any surface smoothly and locking into place.
  • A laminate surface provides a stylish and easy to clean surface for holding notes and drinking glasses.
  • Side grommets manage power and data cables, connecting to microphones, laptops, and other AV equipment.
  • An adjustable shelf moves up and down to accommodate changing needs, and a locking door keeps equipment inside the lower cabinet secure.
  • The outrigger base with integrated casters adds stability for classroom safety.
Mobile Lectern by Great Openings
Dimensions for Mobile Lectern by Great Openings

Via Seating Solutions for K-12 and Higher Ed

Why Via Seating? Simply, we make our chairs from primarily North American components, including our injection-molded foam for long-lasting comfort and durability which is made in the U.S., and our 4-way elastomeric stretch mesh that is also U.S. made Our plywood, casters, chair controls and bases are also made in North America, meaning we are not affected by a foam crisis or Suez Canal issues or China problems or any other catastrophes of the moment. We were the only seating manufacturer to maintain 48-hour lead times throughout COVID. Via has the most comprehensive warranty in the industry at 12 years on everything except fabric, and 300+lb capacity on all seating. Many Via products have been used in these markets, but the following have been utilized the most frequently and with the most success.

Sutro Classroom Seating and Dining Solutions

Well-priced and extremely durable, Sutro can provide solutions from the classroom to the cafe. We just installed Sutro as the new classroom and dining standard at Logan University. The Sutro series was designed by Diemmebi R&D. Diemmebi has developed numerous products across seating, table, outdoor furniture, and other categories. They have won numerous awards for their designs including the NeoCon Gold Award, the Interzum Award, and the ADI Design Index.

Sutro Chairs by Via Seating
Sutro seating by Via Seating
Sutro Seating options by Via Seating

Reset Nesting Chairs and Task Stools

Reset was selected for the 3500 chair Hennepin Community College project. The A&D firm controlling the project had specified Steelcase and Herman Miller, but HCC discovered the Reset series which had a better warranty, and superior comfort due to the molded foam which neither competitor had, and the patented Copper Mesh which due to its naturally biocidal Copper mesh, kills COVID and all other contagions on contact and more effectively than anything else. Oh, and BTW, we were lower cost than either Miller or Steelcase…

Reset Student nesting chair (look at the cushion thickness and imagine a sit test versus anyone from SOI to 9to5 to Steelcase and others).

Reset Nesting Chairs and Task Stools by Via Seating
Reset Nesting Chairs by Via Seating
Reset Chairs by Via Seating
Reset Task Stools by Via Seating
Via Seating's Reset Nesting Chairs

Run Admin and Task Seating

Run is well priced and available in high back or mid back, providing executive and conference and workstation solutions with outstanding comfort at a great price point. When we demo Run for educational clients, we win over 90% of the time.

Run Admin and Task Seating by Via Seating
Run Admin Seating by Via Seating
Run Task Seating by Via Seating
Via Seating's Run Admin and Task Seating