oyo® The Chair

oyo® – Contemporary, functional design that will move your mind, body & spirit. The oyo® is not only stylish, but also versatile. In the conference room, collaborative office spaces, libraries, higher education or at home – the oyo® adds style & motion through its timeless & dynamic design. oyo® is highly functional, technologically advanced & ergonomic. The oyo® is the world’s first combination of a saddle seat, shell chair & rocking chair. A completely new way of sitting which invites you to move more & assume various sitting positions. oyo® is new, daring & unique. It attracts attention & it’s immediately obvious that this chair is a statement which moves gracefully between retro & modern & that it has what it takes to be a design classic: oyo® – The Chair.

Planning & Pricing

functionality oyo® – delivers soothing rocking & sway motion. With flex in its body sculpted support structure, it intuitively moves with the user.

flexibility Can be used for conference, open plan collaborative & thinking spaces.

quality & durability The sleek, metal structure offers a rocking base, but with a robust, rigid frame. There is minimal flex in this frame which encourages the movement experience from the rocking base touching the floor. The seat & back are fully integrated with no seams or joints. It is weight rated up to 265lbs.

aesthetics Cleverly sculpted to accommodate multiple body shapes, sizes & sitting styles. There is simply nothing like it. It is quite unique & creates an emotional appeal to draw the viewer in. The design being fluid, communicates the expectation that this sitting experience should be fluid too, & it lives up to this promise. oyo® is ‘Form follows Function’ in its truest definition.

innovation oyo® is the embodiment of true innovation at every level. Specifically; it’s innovative in terms of aesthetic, function, application & experience. oyo® challenges the conventional expectation of what a conference/collaborative seating solution should be. It liberates the senses & lives outside of the box in every way. It is an inspirational, functional piece of art.

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