Year: 2013
Budget: $3.4 Million
Customer: CR Chum
Project: University of Montreal Hospital Research Center

In March 2013, Groupe Lacasse is awarded the biggest contract of its history to date: the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center (CRCHUM) project. With a net value of 3.4 M$, this important project’s objective was to furnish the new CRCHUM installations, comprised of two buildings cumulating 21 floors.


As the University of Montreal Hospital Center is rebuilt and revamped, new installations for the Research Center are also planned. Located in the heart of Montreal, these will accommodate more than 360 researchers and 450 Masters and doctoral students, as well as post-doctorate interns. The contract awarded to Groupe Lacasse covers the entire Research Center. Needless to say that furnishing one of the biggest biomedical research centers in Canada was a major challenge.

The impressive construction complex includes two buildings linked by an aerial walkway. The administrative wing has a total of 6 floors, base- ment included, and is known as the Saint-Antoine tower. The Viger tower where the students and researchers workstations and common areas are located, counts 15 floors.




The call for tenders won by Groupe Lacasse to furnish the new Research Center (CRCHUM) as well as the CHUM’s administrative wing has been obtained through a public tender process. Everything regarding the project logistics represents a major importance on the activities including production, transport, delivery, inspection, installation, additions and modifications. Groupe Lacasse has fulfilled all these tasks with skills, professionalism and a great flexibility, and accounted for specific criteria related to a public-private partnership “PPP” context. It is also important to state that Groupe Lacasse has metall requirements of the furniture’s technical quotation. A budgetary provision was planned in said quotation for the furniture conception work at many strategic moments. The designers mandated by Groupe Lacasse did an out- standing job. The student spaces and the smart space areas are remarkable and eloquently testify of a great success. We should also note that the big majority of users are satisfied with the new furniture thanks to its quality, functionalities and aesthetics. We are therefore glad to have worked in partnership with Groupe Lacasse, a local business.