Year: 2013
Customer: Therrien Couture
Project: Therrien Couture Offices

When Therrien Couture Lawyers law firm decided to relocate, they selected Groupe Lacasse to help outfit their new workspaces with the very best in modern furnishing solutions.

In 2013, Therrien Couture Lawyers relocates its offices to accommodate the law firm’s growing team. Situated in the brand new Place du Parc, a prestigious business complex in Sherbrooke, their new workspaces had to reflect the firm’s character. The client expects a dynamic, modern, bold, functional and professional environment. Groupe Lacasse worked in collaboration with Therrien Couture Lawyers, the appointed firm of architects Cimaise, and the dealer Mobiliers H. Moquin.The many criteria of the client brought on some difficulty: The furnishing configurations had to be practical and, at the same time, offer a modern and welcoming design. These objectives presented exactly the sort of challenge that energizes and inspires the Groupe Lacasse team!

Jean-Philippe Richard, project leader at Mobiliers H. Moquin, worked in close collaboration with Sophie Chapdelaine, project leader at Therrien Couture Lawyers to design furnishings that would meet the firm’s specific requirements. Inspired by existing Lacasse collections, Jean-Philippe custom designed several products for this project. The ability of Groupe Lacasse to manufacture made-to-measure products like the ones shown here is one of the company’s distinguishing strengths. Therrien Couture Lawyers was provided with customized solutions beyond their expectations.

Bathed in natural light, Therrien Couture Lawyers’ new configurations combine avant-garde design features from the Nex collection with elements from the C.I.T.É. furniture system. The result is a smart balance between personal and collaborative areas. The workstations are divided by translucent screens, which provide privacy without sacrificing light. The storage modules are fitted with C.I.T.É. cushions, which allow users to sit comfortably while discussing assignments with their colleagues.

The impressive conference tables from the QUORUM MULTICONFERENCE collection are a perfect fit for the meeting rooms. Their communication modules combine esthetics and functionality in true style, allowing users to recharge tablets, cells and laptops using USBs or electrical plugs.

At the heart of Therrien Couture Lawyers’ new offices is a splendid bookcase that creates a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere. This area is also used after working hours for company social gatherings: employees love it! The adjacent room is particularly appreciated by those who combine work and family commitments. After school, children can use the room to watch movies or play video games while they wait for their parents.

The lounge and waiting areas are furnished with several Arold brand Hip Hop soft seating modules. Their bold and contemporary curves give a dynamic look to the configurations while offering unparalleled comfort to clients and employees


Despite the complexity of several architectural elements and tight deadlines, we received products and advice that met our requests. The result is exactly what we had in mind and even better. The firm associates are all entirely satisfied, especially since the budget and deadlines were all met. The complementary knowledge and expertise of Jean-Philippe Richard and Sophie Chapdelaine, as well as their synergy, pushed the boundaries of creativity.