Year: 2010
Customer: NFOE et associés architectes
Project: Office Redesign

The heart of old Montreal is the new home for NFOE. The architectural firm inhabits 11,400 square feet of historic New Your Life Insurance Building that still retains much of the original architectural details from 1888. The white-on-white color palette highlights the beaut of the Corinthian columns and ornate capitals. The original central staircase is still used as the main means of access to the mezzanine.
There were multiple objectives for the furniture. The client was seeking a desking solution with pure clean lines to act as a backdrop for the rich architectural details of the space. They wanted collaborative work environments that supported the need for group interaction while also providing the opportunity for individual thought and reflection. They needed customized work surface sizes and storage solutions to support the unique work requirements of architectural firms. Most importantly, they needed a desking system that was able to achieve maximum space efficiency in a floor plate that offered limited flexibility. C.I.T.É. delivered on all fronts.

Groupe Lacasse Solution

The project was a success on two fronts. As a product C.I.T.E was and exact match to the client’s specific needs and as a manufacture, Groupe Lacasse provided the flexibility for customization and partnership that was critical to the success of the project.

As a contemporary desking system, C.I.T.É. provided the pure clean aesthetics that complimented the architect’s vision for the studio space. The product exhibits pure ungarnished form and expresses its structure through its simple lines and strategic choice and placement of materials. Translucent acrylic end gables appear to support expansive work surfaces and brushed aluminum trims and accessories contribute to the lightness of the product’s appearance. Overall, the aesthetics of the product compliment the airiness of the soaring architectural studio and deliver the functional attributes necessary to support the working environment.
Some product customization was required to support the client’s specific needs. Oversized work surfaces and storage solutions were developed to accommodate architectural drawings and make the storage conveniently accessible from both sides. Groupe Lacasse and CIME Business Environments worked closely with the client throughout every step of the process to insure the client’s needs were anticipated and fulfilled without affecting delivery times.


C.I.T.É. is a well-conceived and thoughtfully designed system. It offers flexibility in planning configurations, simplicity in its wire management system, and ultimately a pure and contemporary linear aesthetic expression. We are happy to have worked with Groupe Lacasse who is a local manufacturer to us of such quality who provided a superb level of support and flexibility catering to our particular needs.

Masa Fukushima, Partner